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Hi, I'm glad you stopped for a visit. I welcome any tips, hints, or pointers, that will make this site better.So... What did you think ? What did you like the least ? What did you like the best? I'm fairly new at this, E-Mail me, I DO appreciate constructive advice...>>>>>>>
This is my special corner of the world, a corner where I can talk about things that matter to me, maybe to you as well, a special place I can share those thoughts, a place I can share some of the spots my family and I have traveled, there are lots of unique corners and niches in my little world, and  a distinct niche where I can pay tribute to those I hold  most dear in my heart yesterday,today and tomorrow....

Grab a pop or cup of coffee, sit back, get comfortable and enjoy your visit...Oh yes sign the guest book I'd like to know what you thought of my special little corner.

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This was a fun site to build, actually this was playing,  and I found some fantasic sites to link to that  appealed to my interests THEY did a wonderful job with the fairies and dragons so I wanted to share another niche (interest) in my world, this site was  a conglomeration of  the many niches and corners in my life that I think about,  kinda like a Fantasyland of interests. No, I'm not totally scatterbrained, well, maybe a little. I'm learning and the next one if there is another site  I will stick to one theme, I see so many of the really good sites do, not that I will win any awards other than the satisfaction of being able to say I did it. I actually did it. Thanks to your feedback and help, my next site will be better, at least I hope it will . I hope you enjoyed your trip thru a few of the corners of my life........  I may even add more hee hee -I'M HOOKED!!
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